8 stylish running sneakers for men: fall 2016 edition

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For a long time, most performance sneakers were made from mostly synthetic leather with sections of mesh and reflective material, thereby relegating cloth fabric to the laces.

Not anymore, though. These days, shoe manufacturers have realized people crave shoes with the qualities of a sock—that is to say, an ultra lightweight feel that fits like a sleeve. That means this fall’s sneaker selections have knit fabric written (erm, weaved) throughout.

While Nike may be the pioneer of the knit running shoe—thanks to their special “flyknit” technology introduced in 2012—other brands are upping the ante by crafting knit sneakers of their own.

Knit shoes aren’t just stylish, though. Their soft texture has serious benefits to your cardio game, because the strategically-placed fabric is engineered for a featherweight, form-fitting, and virtually seamless upper that provides the support and flexibility you need to fly forward on a run—all in one layer. Even better: Unlike your old faux-leather-and-mesh trainers, a knit texture offers a more casual look that works on and off the track.

To help you stay stylishly ahead of the curve, we lined up the eight best (and best-looking) running sneakers on the market—all of which feature splashes of knit fabric. Enjoy the intricate knit patterns, cool color palettes, and of course, supreme comfort of the following pairs. Whether you’re running or not, these will look fresh with everything.